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Is the 21st century getting to you?

Much of the discomfort we suffer today is stress-related.

As a result headaches, lower back pain, muscle tension and shortness of breath have an adverse effect on our day-to-day performance.

Utilising the body’s 600 plus pressure points, Anma Shiatsu is a unique blend of aromatherapy and acupressure to these points, which are located along the energy channels of your body.

Join the millions of people who are finding relief and benefiting from quality natural therapies such as iridology, Anma Shiatsu, Qigong, massage, and good nutrition.

We offer natural health balancing through Anma Shiatsu, remedial massage, stress management, Qigong, Moxa, and cupping.

The initial consultation lasts 1.5 hours. An average consultation lasts an hour.  Ask us about Private Health Fund Coverage – there are certain  funds available.


 $60 | 60 min

Our stress relief massage is a blend of Anma Shiatsu and aromatherapy and covers the back, feet and face to combat fatigue & tension.


$90 | 90 min

A unique full body massage which incorporates lymphatic drainage and colon massage. This in turn will detox the body and boost the immune system.


$120 | 120 min

We have created two hours of pure pampering from the very best of our treatments for the ultimate relaxation and relief.