Ki High Natural Therapies started in Beenleigh, Queensland in 1994. After several years of studying traditional oriental medicine with a variety of different mentors, Ki High’s founder, Grant Coleman, had the idea to establish a traditional medicine centre dedicated to training professional therapists.

Ki High continues in the oriental tradition of delivering educational classes mixed within a clinic setting, offering you comprehensive programs that provide an excellent start to your life as a professional practitioner. Including all the tools and knowledge you will need to be successful in the ever-emerging industry of traditional oriental therapies.


After completing his Diploma in Oriental Medicine on the Gold Coast, Grant went on to complete his advanced studies at Guang An Men Hospital in Beijing, China (1996). He also holds Diplomas in Qigong and Meditation.

Grant currently teaches for colleges and other organisations in Queensland, Australia.

What We Do


We Do


We deliver courses, classes and training to the general public, organisations and professionals. Whether you are looking at becoming a certified practitioner, improving your existing skillset or simply trying something new, we will guide you step by step to ensure you get the most out of our courses and classes.


Anma Shiatsu is a traditional hands-on Japanese healing method by the application of pressure to various points, meridians and areas of the body using mainly the thumbs, knuckles, fingers and palms.



Practising Qigong, a Chinese exercise program incorporating breathing techniques & light movement, helps relax the body & mind, oxygenate the blood and detox the system.



Combining a good diet with physical therapies is essential to the overall treatment effectiveness, and subsequently the complete system recovery and longevity. Nutritional studies are combined with all courses and classes including such topics as bio-dynamics and Yin Yang theory in food.

Memberships & Accreditation


& Accrediation

It is important to select an accredited natural medicine centre to ensure you receive a high quality massage therapy education.


Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS)

ATMS promotes and represents professional practitioners of natural medicine, who are encouraged to pursue the highest ideals of professionalism in their natural medicine practice and education.

The Australian Traditional-Medicine Society (ATMS) is Australia’s largest national professional association of natural medicine practitioners. ATMS is a multi-disciplinary association representing around 12,000 accredited practitioners throughout Australia.

KiHigh is an ATMS Member.



World Health Organisation (WHO)

Grant Coleman (Ki High Natural Therapies) was trained by a Collaborating Centre of Traditional Medicine – World Health Organisation at Guang An Men Hospital, the China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Beijing.




Janine Horrocks

I was introduced to Ki High and Qigong with Grant by a friend. Half way through the first class I knew this was a place I could come to by myself.

The activities are self-paced and Grant only ever encourages and explains. There’s no pressure, no judgement and no need to feel anxious about committing to every week. It’s the perfect gentle yet effective exercise that changes your approach to dealing with life. I thoroughly enjoy my Qigong time and the difference in attitude and energy it has given me to deal with work, family and life in general. Thank you Grant – you’re a local gem!

Haylea Cook

My experience at Ki High with Grant has been awesome.

I have completed a Diploma of Anma Shiatsu and a Diploma of Qigong. The courses were very easy to grasp and understand. Grant did all the hands-on experience which was so helpful, and he was able to fill the gaps for any theory questions I had. The body is such a complex thing and with Grant’s help I am still learning new things every week. I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Grant at Ki High for helping me achieve my goals and being able to have a new career in Anma Shiatsu massage.

Mark Kitchingham

Grant is a great Qigong instructor.

I have been going to his classes for a number of years and it has been a very enjoyable experience for me. The Qigong & Meditation class is excellent for beginners and I am sure it will help make your life more positive.

Tracy Bathe

Grant has been my Qigong instructor for the last 17 months and I find the classes very beneficial for my health.  I have a lot more energy, which has led me to feeling more positive about my life and quitting smoking. It is also a fun learning environment, and it has been lovely meeting new people.

Suzanne Fox-Kennedy

I did my Anma Shiatsu course with Grant Coleman at Ki High Natural Therapies, January 8th, 2014 – February 26th 2014. I was very excited about doing this course and I wasn’t disappointed.

I did a hands-on class every Wednesday night from 5.30 – 8.30 PM, initially learning  from text book and practising the techniques on volunteers. To have an experienced teacher like Grant helped me so much, he explained everything so clearly and even when I studied at home and had any questions, he didn’t hesitate to help; each week, we went through my notes & textbook and discussed any questions I had. To do the actual Anma Shiatsu massage techniques was very interesting for me – they were also amazing to watch and learn about from Grant. Once I did the movements myself, all I’d been learning and seeing came together.

It was a very fulfilling course and such a spiritual experience for me. I have my own Reiki Healing business and knew I could join these two natural therapies together. Today, I use Anma Shiatsu techniques in conjunction with Reiki Healing and it is amazing to see how much my clients benefit from them.


I used to do the Qigong class every Tuesday night as part of the course and I still go now! I can’t say enough about this gentle exercise that is so beneficial for the mind, body and spirit. To do these exercises together with correct breathing techniques is so amazing for the body and all the organs within. Again, Grant is such a gentle teacher, explains all the exercises well and has so much patience. The Qigong classes, joined with the Anma Shiatsu course, help to bring both modalities together and give you understanding of how the organs, muscles, meridians and breathing all come together for a healthier body.

I have been doing Qigong exercises every morning since I did the course and feel healthier, breathe better and my muscles are more flexible.

I can thoroughly recommend Grant Coleman & Ki High to anyone who is interested in obtaining a Certificate of Anma Shiatsu.