Dancing the Dao


Practising Qigong, a Chinese exercise program incorporating breathing techniques & light movement, helps relax the body & mind, oxygenate the blood and detox the system.


Statement of Attainment in Qigong

Weekend short course
Duration: 2 x 3-hour classes

This short course will give students the basic understanding of Qigong.

  • This course is not suited for children or adults unable to exercise or who have acute conditions with pain.
  • Please wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing.
  • By appointment only, with sufficient numbers.

Upon successful completion of this course, the student receives Statement of Attainment in Qigong.

Download the leaflet


Certificate of Qigong

Classes run twice weekly
Theory online
In-clinic hours required (in-house)
Duration: 8 x 3-hour classes

Through studying Qigong theory and practicing several Qigong forms, students learn to gather and cultivate Qi. Students also gain an understanding and appreciation of the mind/body relationship, resulting in physical, emotional, and spiritual awareness and a deeper connection with the Universe.

The curriculum covers the below topics at an introductory level:

  1. Qigong & Daoism Philosophy
  2. Diet Food (Positive & Negative Foods)
  3. The Seven Glands Theory
  4. The Tao Healing Arts
    • Meridian Breathing
    • Healing Meditation
    • Breathing Exercises with Movement
  5. Normal – Intermediate – Reversed Breathing
  6. Energy and the Human Body
  7. Five Elements
  8. Walking Meditation
  9. Free Style Movement – Dancing the Dao.

Upon successful completion of this course, the student receives Certificate of Qigong.

Download the leaflet