Diploma of




Practising Qigong, a Chinese exercise program incorporating breathing techniques & light movement, helps relax the body & mind, oxygenate the blood and detox the system.

Through studying Qigong theory and practicing several Qigong forms, students learn to gather and cultivate Qi. Students also gain an understanding and appreciation of the mind/body relationship, resulting in physical, emotional, and spiritual awareness and a deeper connection with the Universe.

1 night/week (practice) 
Theory by correspondence
In-clinic hours required (in-house)
Duration: up to 12 months


  • Introduction to the Four Principles
  • of Taoist Philosophy
  • Theory of Qi
  • Theory of Five Elements
  • Self-healing Breathing Methods
  • Influence of the Cycle of the Moon on the Human Body
  • Principles of Yin and Yang
  • Ethics in Qigong Practice


  • Methods of Building Strong Bones & Flexibility
  • Purification for the Blood and Liver
  • Healing Major Organs of the Body
  • 12 Meridians Plus Extra 2: Body Balancing
  • Shu Points: 12 Major Points of the Bladder Meridian

Upon successful completion of this course, students will have a solid foundation in Qiong and receive a Diploma in Qiong.